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Hello and welcome to [community profile] ffspiritswithin (SPIRITS WITHIN), a community dedicated to the 2001 CGI film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, written and directed by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Referenced in "Life Is Strange"

So, you may or may not have heard about DONTNOD Entertainment's latest venture, Life Is Strange, a point-and-click adventure game sort've like the Walking Dead or the much older 90s' point-and-click games of ye olden times. Long story short, it's being published by Square Enix. A really big and pleasant surprise? The proatagonist (Max Caulfield), made a reference to the film. Check it out behind the cut.

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Let's clear up the reason for Squaresoft's "demise" and why Square and Enix merged

So you know that malarkey that always comes up with regards to Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within being the sole "demise of Squaresoft" when Final Fantasy and Square Enix fans like to bash the film? Welp, as perfected, its flat out wrong:

As brought up in most stories relating to Squaresoft's demise and the reason for Square Enix's merger, the popular conclusion seems to rest solely and inaccurately on "Sakaguchi bringing the company to bankruptcy therefore forcing Square and Enix to merge."

While The Spirits Within was a financial failure and played its role in hurting the company, it did not destroy Squaresoft nor did it force the company to merge with Enix. Sparking the interest of others and myself, a few select gaffer's provided fascinating and lesser known details that seemed to add up and make a ton of sense considering the general structure and output in the last decade. Through LevelNth and Drek's posts on the subject, here is Cheerilee's simplified summary of their posts touching on some issues that never seem to be recognized [READ THE ENTIRE THREAD]

Check it out on NeoGaf.com, because its long, involved and incredibly in-depth.

"Final Flight of the Osiris (2003)" - Jue Model

NeoGAF's currently abuzz with discussion about the capabilities of the PlayStation 4. Naturally, Spirits Within and Final Flight of the Osiris are being brought up as measuring sticks as things to graphically succeed. Surprisingly, someone posted a character render/model of Jue from the latter film:


Linkin Park - Pts.OF.Athrty [Animated] (Video)

PREMIERING A YEAR AFTER the theatrical deubut of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001), NuMetal Band Linkin Park's computer animated music video for the remix of "Points of Authority" was inspired by video game aesthetics (like Bungie's Halo: Combat Evolved) and dream sequences and Proto Phantom in the finale of Hironobu Sakaguchi's aforementioned film. "Pts.OF.Athrty" is also one of the few music videos (after Daft Punk's chronicle for "Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem" and Gorillaz "Clint Eastwood") to premiere on the cartoon block Toonami.

Any Mass Effect fans around here?

It was just me or Mass Effect 3 had a lot of FFTSW references? Starting with the scene when you cure the Genophase, didn't that remind you of something?

Plus, someone in Tumblr was saying that Shepard/Kaidan relationship looked a bit like the one between Aki and Gray. I thought about that for a while and, if you invert the roles, kinda makes sense.

punctualdork: Common Arguments: Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within

k, let’s be honest - the most common argument you hear about The Spirits Within is that it doesn’t have anything to do with Final Fantasy. Seeing as how I have (a) an open mind, and (b) an extensive knowledge of the Final Fantasy series, I find no issues in saying that whoever thinks that is both wrong and ignorant.

Let me break it down for you folks, by looking at the COMMON THEMES of the numbered series - excluding Final Fantasy 11 and 14…cause fuck MMOs. ALSO, spoilers ahead - so cover your ears if you don’t know the basic plots of the games…even if you’re reading this.

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"Final Fantasy: The Spirits Withn" arrives on Netflix's Instant Watch June 2012

The new Netflix Instant movies for June 2012 may not be better than the summer blockbusters, but they’ll surely make the wait for ‘Prometheus‘ and ‘Rock of Ages‘ much more bearable. Check out all the titles you’ll be able to watch without having to leave the house.

JUNE 1, 2012
‘Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within’ (2001)
Starring Alec Baldwin, Steve Buscemi, and Ming-Na — A female scientist must defend Earth against an alien invasion in this animated film based on the beloved Japanese video game series.

JUNE 9, 2012
‘Thor’ (2011)
Starring Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, and Anthony Hopkins — Thor is cast out of Asgard and forced to live on Earth when his trickster brother Loki hatches a plan to steal his brother’s rightful throne. [SOURCE]

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Hey everyone, found this LJ fan page days ago and I couldn't sleep from the excitement! Suddenly, I got motivation to rewrite my fanfic that's been frozen for 9 years.

Now I'll get to the point of this post: I'm going to make a presentation on videogame localisation for my English C2.2 class, and I would love to get the image of the layout on a tshirt (to use in the presentation day). Is there any chance to get a bigger version?
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!Mod Post: Website Pimpage

[livejournal.com profile] kinky_carter (or the DeviantArt user, ff-spiritswithin) has created an official fanclub for The Spirits Within:

Be sure to Check it out!
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!Mod Post: Community Update

"Audio Reviews For "The Spirits Within"" has been updated with new 2012 reviews.

Hironobu Sakaguchi: Fantasy Man

He bet his career on a game and hit the jackpot, then bet it on a film and lost it all. What happened to Final Fantasy's father?

"So, what are you doing in London today?" The hairdresser speaks in broken English, pausing every few words with the sheer effort of foreign sentence construction. "I am a video game journalist," I reply, hopefully. "Ahhh!" he laughs, a mixture of amusement and the relief of simply understanding the response."I just interviewed Hironobu Sakaguchi," I offer. A pause. "Do you know the Final Fantasy games? He made those."

I need a haircut, sort of, but really I came to this unassuming hairdressers near Oxford Street for this specific conversation. Never meet your heroes, they say: they can only disappoint. There's bruising truth in the cliché. When I was a teenager I would take the train to central London and walk through Soho to peer in the windows of Squaresoft's London office in the hope of catching a glimpse of a developer.

Of course, Golden Square was home only to weary marketing men, the company's creative teams housed thousands of miles away on two floors of the Phizer building in Shinjuku, Tokyo. There was never any chance of bumping into a Final Fantasy artist or Secret of Mana coder. Deep down maybe I suspected as much. If nothing else, video games make masters of suspension of disbelief of us all. [READ MORE]

Spirits Within... roleplay?

Does anyone know of any Spirits Within roleplays on the great wide internet?

I know there's a Aki Ross on Tumblr... but that's about it. Anybody else out there playing around or interested in doing so?

Hironobu Sakaguchi To Speak of His Achievements During BAFTAs

Still in Europe to promote the upcoming launch of his newest game, The Last Story, we already learned that Hironobu Sakaguchi would be attending and speaking at this month’s Midlands MCM Expo, but recently he has also announced his plans to give a speech about his long time efforts in the video game industry at the 2012 BAFTA awards come February 16. During the event, Mr. Sakaguchi will demonstrate Wii title, The Last Story, to an audience of press and fans, talk about his life as a video game producer/director and close with a QA session with the audience.

Those unaware of Sakaguchi’s achievements should take note that the man is the father of the 100 million unit selling Final Fantasy series and most recently Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey on the Xbox 360, The Last Story for Nintendo’s Wii and even a number of Nintendo DS games and classic RPGs. He even tried his hand at movie directing with the 2001 CG film, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. [SOURCE]

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Conceptual Designer Is Making A Video Game

Feric Fang, conceptual designer on Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, spent his early years drafting artwork for a movie based on a video game series. With a motion picture in his resume, Feng is now planning a video game about a clumsy egg-shaped robot.

After a mysterious blackout, Roda leaves his house for the very first time. On a mission to restore electricity on the island, he stumbles through Happical Zoo, where he meets a strange mix of robotic animals and uncovers an astounding secret about himself…

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The Spiritual Edition

So a while back [livejournal.com profile] weber_dubois22 was wondering about the Japanese dub. I finally dug the Japanese Special Edition (the "Spiritual Edition") out of my closet to take a look. There are is indeed a Japanese language track. While I had it out, I took some pictures of the cards that come with it...

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And, made a clip of the Japanese dub:

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!Discussion: What if this and What if that happened?


Despite the torrid history of Video Game Adaptation's (helmed by their creators or otherwise noted), do you think, if Spirits Within had been produced and released during the advancement of Computer Generated films and the 3D/IMAX craze that the movie would be any better received, or worse given the implications attached to the latter two categories above and so forth?
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The Sumptuous Video Game Art of Craig Mullins

We showcase the work of a lot of talented artists here on Fine Art. But we're in for a real treat today, as few are as talented or as influential as Craig Mullins. Even though these pieces are digital, Mullins' work maintains a traditional "painted" look, which explains why his stuff is both so evocative and easy on the eye.

In nearly two decades in the business he's worked on movies like The Matrix Revolutions, Forrest Gump and Final Fantasy: Spirits Within, and on games and game franchises as diverse as Halo, Prince of Persia, BioShock, Fallout 3, Marathon, Need for Speed 3, Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect 2. Just to name a few.

If you like what you see, there's a lot more artwork at Mullins' personal site, and you can buy fancy coffee table books from Ballistic (the same guys behind the excellent Sony art books) featuring his art as well. [SOURCE]